About the company:

Aatmasaat is a student-run enterprise that helps bridge the gap between a student’s school and college life by imparting knowledge and logic to the youth of this world with a more analytical approach. We aim to make the transition between school and college a little bit easier. Many students around the world take time to adjust to college, some with more difficulty than others. And, in these times of the COVID 19 pandemic, the transition has been a little more awkward, if not difficult to deal with as many students are attending colleges from their homes and can’t experience the wild, open and free lifestyle that any college can offer.




What you’ll learn?

Students will learn many more extracurricular activities like scrabble, MUN, meditation, financial literacy, graphic designing, and a course that will enlighten the students about the way of living in a corporate world.

Why choose us?

We here in Aatmasaat can help you do those new things and explore some soft skills that get little respect but can make or break your care


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