The Green Brown is a social enterprise established with a mission to make planet earth a cleaner, greener, healthier, and happier place by creating a closed ecosystem where nothing is wasted and everything is recycled.


Our name GreenBrown is being coined with our deep understanding of the earth and its core elements of evolution. Green stands for the Life i.e., above the surface of the earth like leaves, trees, above soil ecosystem, elements, etc wherein Brown stands for the Soil i.e., below the surface of the earth, roots, bacteria, below the soil ecosystem, matter. For evolution and sustainability of life, both (Green and Brown) play a vital role and are important for an ecosystem. We serve the needs of Green and Brown both very astutely, thus our name suffices our mission.

Why choose us:

Being a social enterprise, we envision a social impact primarily and less focussed on the bottom line. The idea behind this venture is to do organic farming provide consultation to environment-friendly audience and create awareness amongst society.


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